"I work as a science communicator – mostly in TV, but also through books, and other media. For me, the key to professional growth has been building a team around me to expertly deal with distractions, so that I can focus on improving at the things I want to do better. Marilyn Haft is at the very core of that team, and has become my most trusted ally. Her experience, expertise, and attention to detail put me at ease about professional stressors that would otherwise be paralyzing. Whether seeking new opportunities, considering job offers, or negotiating contracts, Ms. Haft helps me maneuver efficiently and confidently. I get to focus on the science, and feel confident about the business side of things, knowing that I have the best of the best working to protect my interests. I can’t say enough what a great asset Marilyn has become for my career."

Daniel K. Riskin is an evolutionary biologist who is a co-host of the daily Canadian television series “Daily Planet” and is a co-host since 2009 of the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet series “Monsters Inside Me.”

Daniel K. Riskin

"I was introduced to Marilyn by several of her long-time clients. That was five years ago, and in that time she has represented me in 8 or 9 negotiations.. In the words of my generally jaded agents and managers, she is “the best lawyer in Hollywood.” (Probably because she is not actually IN Hollywood.)

Marilyn is accessible, responsive, and unfailingly protective of my work and my career. I know some people who feel like their lawyers parrot their agents, more concerned about the next referral than their client’s interests. I have never once doubted that Marilyn represents ME.

When negotiating, Marilyn is tough and unflappable, but also reasonable and courteous. Personally, I like being on many of the calls and I read every page of my contracts. Without a single exception, Marilyn is the smartest, speediest and most detail-oriented person involved at any stage of the process.

(Ok, I thought of one exception. Marilyn negotiated a life-rights deal for me with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was equally smart and efficient.)

I’ll end with a story: a couple days ago I was on a call with Marilyn, a producer, and his typically swaggering Hollywood lawyer. We’re putting together a based-on-a-true-story project, and Marilyn had concerns that the producer’s approach could open us up to a suit. The lawyer clearly did not appreciate his advice being questioned and tried to bully Marilyn into dropping the issue. I always find this funny because in her previous life Marilyn was a White House lawyer who negotiated the redefined rolls of the FBI, CIA and NSA after the Church Committee investigations — but this guy thought HE could intimidate her. Suffice it to say, she was right and in the end convinced the guy of it.

In short: I can’t recommend Marilyn highly enough."

Daniel Stiepleman is a screenwriter who is the writer of the upcoming feature film “On the Basis of Sex” starring Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer based on the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Variety named him as one of the Ten Screenwriters to Watch in 2017.

Daniel Stiepleman