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Multimedia production?

The Law Offices of Marilyn G. Haft, P.C. can empower and support your work in the entertainment industry. Attorney Marilyn G. Haft works with directors, journalists, internet creators, writers, multimedia producers, production companies, distribution companies, investors and many other parties. She’ll provide you with strong representation as you pursue your dreams.

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Protect and promote your livelihood in entertainment. Drawing on years of financial and legal experience, attorney Marilyn G. Haft can counsel you on a wide variety of topics. She can counsel you about intellectual property, employment law, financial law and other issues. You can count on her to:

Explain legal issues related to your industry
Protect your rights as an author or artist
Legal aspects of financing independent productions
Advise you about business deals
Negotiate contracts
Draft contracts

Additionally, Marilyn G. Haft maintains relationships with influential individuals in the entertainment industry. These contacts empower her to get things done on your behalf.

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